Satkosia Gorge

Satkosia Gorge

Satkosia Sanctuary, which is popularly known as Satkosia Gorge Wildlife Sanctuary is Orissa’s one of the famous wildlife sanctuaries. The latest deal of the wildlife reserve is the Gharial Breeding Project; which has attracted a lot of tourist’s attention. The bucolic green sanctuary covers an area of 1330 square kilometers and it was established in 1976. River Mahanadi divided the entire area into two parts and it is situated between the districts of Budh, Angul, Nayagarh and Cuttack. The sanctuary is specially admired by wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers, scientists and adventure freaks, in a similar manner. The land under the Angul sub division is relatively hilly and houses heavy groves, moist and dry brief forests and dynamic flowers like Khalsi and Genwa.

Located in: Nayagarh

Nearest Airport: Bhubaneswar

Nearest Railway Station: Cuttack

Best Time to visit: October to February

Places to visit at Satkosia Gorge

The permission of tourism is only 269 square kilometers of the total area. One can analyze the wild side of the sanctuary by visiting Baghmunda, the home area of the tigers. The Athamallik-Chhendipada-Telkoi corridor, Satkosia-Khalasuni corridor and Kapilas-Rebena corridor is the three main hallway through which the elephants travel and which can be mainly seen by the tourists.

Nearby attractions

Separate from the main part of the sanctuary, you have tour places like Tikarpara which offers beautiful view of the gorge and Rambling River. Hati Girga, known for the watch tower; Labangi, which is situated on a hill top.

Things to do in Satkosia Gorge

Apart from exploring the forests for various kinds of animals, one can also enjoy the scenic views and can go for activities like trekking, elephant rides, night safaris and boating which are provided by the Forest Department.

How to Reach


Bhubaneswar is the nearest Airport.


The nearest railway station is Cuttack


Buses ply to Angul from Bhubaneswar and Cuttack at regular intervals. One can then reach Satkosia Gorge from Angul by bus. The entry point is located at Pamapsara, at a distance of around 30 kilometers from Angul.