Rajarani Temple

Rajarani Temple

Rajarani temple, which is one of the most eminent temples in Bhubaneswar, in the capital city of Odisha. The temple is made from the wonderful red and gold sandstone, locally it is known as Rajarani and this is what gives the temple its name of 'Raja Rani'. The major attractions of the temple are detailed carved figurines. Rajarani temple is dedicated to Lord Brahma. The origin of this temple can be dated back to the eleventh century.
The sculptural images deck its façade and interiors are just excellent. Females are portrayed in different postures, like holding the child in their arms, holding mirror in their hand, etc. There is no other temple of this kind in the entire state of Orissa. Rajarani temple has also been adorn with beautiful artistic sculptural carvings and stands enclosed within a beautiful garden.

Located in: Bhubaneswar

Nearest Airport: Bhubaneswar

Nearest Railway Station: Bhubaneswar

Best Time to visit: Around the year


Raja Rani Temple in Bhubaneshwar was build up in the 10th an 11th century with reddish gold sandstone called 'Rajarani' in the local accent. The temple has a lot of historical importance.


The best highlighted part of the temple is the fine sculptures of dikpalas or guardians of the eight directions carved around the shrine. Starting from East we can see successively-Indra (lord of the East) holding a thunderbolt and an elephant goad, with the elephant below; the potbellied and beared Agni (southeast), god of fire, with the ram; Yama (South) holding a staff and a noose, with his vehicle the buffalo; Nirriti (southwest), the god of misery, holds a severed head and a sword above a prostrate figure; Varuna (West) holding a noose in his left hand, his vehicle is makara or the crocodile; Vayu (northwest) holding a banner and his vehicle is deer; Kubera (North) placed above seven jars of gems, he has a horse and Isana (northeast) shown by the side of an emaciated figure. In between all these the Agni and the Varuna are particularly impressive.

How to Reach


Bhubaneswar is the nearest airport - 6 kms.


The nearest railway stations is Bhubaneswar. Rajarani Temple is 4kms from the railway station


Interstate bus services operate daily between Kolkata and Puri via Bhubaneswar and Tatanagar (Jamshedpur). Besides Intracity bus service, Auto Rickshaws or cab service can be availed from any part of bhubaneswar to visit the temple